Highland Park Dragon Legend 70cl 43.1%

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Smokier, richer single malt

Highland Park Dragon Legend is a no-age-statement expression made using a higher percentage of peated malt than the brand’s core 12-year-old bottling.

Its name is inspired by the tale of Viking warrior Sigurd, who, having slain the serpent dragon Fafnir, drank his foe’s blood and gained the powers of foresight and wisdom.

Presented at 43.1%

Jason Craig, brand director for Highland Park, said: ‘This is a slight step up in smoke profile from our core 12 Year Old as we’ve used a higher percentage of peated malt stock but it is still very much recognisable as a member of the Highland Park family with its key characteristics – from the use of both European and American Sherry seasoned oak casks – of vanilla and warm spices complementing the richer aromatic peat smoke.’ 

Productsoort Orkney

06-01-2022 12:40

Mooie verpakking, smaakt heerlijk, is met sterren waard dan dat je kan geven!

Even geduld a.u.b.