Springbank Longrow Red 7y Pinot Noir 57.1% 70cl

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Flesinhoud: 700 ml

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149,95 per fles

Nog 1 fles beschikbaar

149,95 per fles

Pinot Noir Cask Matured

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4 Years Refill Bourbon + 3 Years Pinot Noir


Longrow Red 13 Year Old Malbec Cask Finish Whisky Tasting Notes

Color: Rich amber color with a touch of reddish/pinkish tint…

Nose: Everything you would expect from a fruity Islay like delicacy… Gentle breeze splashing salty sea waters to your face, refreshing … Nice amount of peat smoke like coming from a nearby camp fire… Fruity aromas start to emerge a bit later… Warm and sweet like a freshly baked fruit cake or a compote… cherries, rhubarbs and maybe some plums… Darker notes on the background… burnt wood and some tobacco…

Palate: Hand in hand with the nose… Fruity sweetness is a bit stronger on the palate than the nose… Still not as strong as a sherry cask finish… everything is subtle and very well balanced… Warm compote with red berries and apples… Smokiness as if coming from a log fire adds warmth to the overall experience… Faint meaty flavors… Little bit of bitter notes in the form of dark chocolate comes out near the end…

Finish: Very long and silky smooth… Starts sweet with touches of fruits… Smoky dryness takes over in the middle leaving behind a nice, but not so sweet aftertaste…  

Longrow Red editions are one of the most anticipated releases of my whisky calendar. Red Wine finishing puts a very delicate touch to the not-so-delicate Islay character. The fruit flavors from the wine casks sweetens the overall character just the right amount without overwhelming like sherry finishes. Unfortunately due to their limited nature getting one is not an easy task. What is worse is that, when you finish a bottle, you know that you will not be able to find another one.

Dranksoort Campbeltown malt whisky
Land Schotland
Herkomstgebied Campbeltown
Omverpakking 1 fles
Flesinhoud 700 ml
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