Glenlivet 12y Double Oak 40% 70cl

(Ga over de afbeelding om in te zoomen)

Flesinhoud: 700 ml


Character: The master distiller's gift Colour: Bright and lively gold Nose: Bursting with ripe pear and soft fudge Palate: Fruity pear flavours with a spicy tang Finish: Marzipan and fresh hazelnuts Palate: Significant burn for the relatively low ABV. Raspberry comes through as the burn subsides, as does candied ginger and some of that vanilla. Surprisingly little evidence of the house-characteristic green apple, which may be buried under all of that bourbon-cask influence. Progresses towards nutty, with marzipan and some coconut. Finish: There?s the coconut. Medium-long finish and finally some sweet maltiness.

Even geduld a.u.b.