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Nikka from the Barrel 50cl 51.4%

Nikka from the Barrel is big-boned and bursting with character. Not averse to a drop of water, either. A real star, winning top prize in its category at the World Whisky Awards in 2007 and 2010

Flesinhoud: 700 ml

€ 37,95 per fles


Nikka Pure Malt Black label 50cl 43%

Nikka produces three pure or vatted malts (officially “blended malts' now) with colour titles. Nikka Pure Malt Black mainly contains malts from the Yoichi distillery (blended with Scotch malt), Nikka Pure Malt Red is composed around Miyagikyou malt and Nikka Pure Malt White is a blend of Yoichi and Islay malts.

Flesinhoud: 500 ml

€ 44,50 per fles


Nikka Pure Malt red label 50cl 43%

Pure Malt Red is a Japanese blended malt in a charming looking bottle! This is made up of malt whisky from the Nikka distilleries Yoichi and Miyagikyo. The result is a fruit, creamy, buttery, and slightly herbal whisky.            

Flesinhoud: 500 ml

€ 44,50 per fles


Nikka Super Whisky 70cl 40%

Flesinhoud: 700 ml

€ 46,95 per fles


€ 54,95 per fles


the Hakushu Distiller reserve 70cl 43%

A perennial favourite and a must-try for anyone interested in discovering Japanese whisky. Hakushu is owned by Suntory, founders of the first Japanese distillery, Yamazaki. The original Hakushu distillery was built in 1973, with another distillery building called Hakushu Higashi (west) added in 1981

Flesinhoud: 700 ml

€ 68,95 per tijdelijk niet leverbaar


Hibiki Master`s Select 70cl 43%

Hibiki Master`s Select is een blended whisky van Suntory's distillery die perfect in harmonie is met zijn subtiele en nobele kenmerken. De ingrediënten worden zorgvuldig gemengd om een volledig orkest van smaken en aroma's te creëren.

Flesinhoud: 700 ml

€ 88,95 per nog 2 fles


Nikka 12yr premium blend 70cl 43%

12 years old Nikka Premium Blended Whisky is een 12 jaar oude Japanse blend van whisky’s van Yoichi en Miyagikyo. Gebotteld op 43% en in 2016 uitgeroepen tot beste Japanse blend onder de 12 jaar.

Flesinhoud: 700 ml

€ 109,95 per nog 2 fles

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