Springbank 18yr 70cl 46%

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Flesinhoud: 700 ml

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249,95 per fles

Momenteel niet leverbaar

249,95 per fles

11-05-2023  23/96

The hugely popular Springbank 18 year old. The first edition of this was extremely popular, with more than a hint of sherry among the Springbank brine and smoke, and this version has already been named as Best Campbeltown Malt at the World Whiskies Awards 2014.


Nose: Oh yes, this is just lovely. Some brine, a hint of diesel, sweet peat smoke, plenty of minerals and an abundance of sherry influence, without ever being too dominant. Mainly lovely dried red fruits, but also a touch of aniseed.
Taste: While 46 percent is nothing to sneeze at, this tastes like it was bottled at a higher percentage even. To begin with, this is quite spicy, with cumin and cracked black peppercorns. Full-bodied with rum raisins, crisp notes of peat, and some almond paste and rubber.
Finish: Dry with lingering brine and peat, and soft red fruits.

Dranksoort Campbeltown malt whisky
Land Schotland
Herkomstgebied Campbeltown
Omverpakking 1 fles
Flesinhoud 700 ml
Alcohol 46,00%
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